What is the Hope Team?

Our Hope Team is made up of people at Mountain West who use their gifts and passions to serve Jesus. At Mountain West, there will always be a place for you to serve - from creating a welcoming environment on our First Impressions team, teaching our kids what it means to follow Jesus in MW Kids, to bringing a video experience to our online viewers on our production team. People encounter the love of God when we serve.

Learn More About Our Different Hope Teams!


WORSHIP: The MW Worship Team utilizes their gifts and talents to prepare the way for people to encounter the presence of God. This team emphasizes excellence in musicianship. But most importantly, this team is for people with a heart to lead others into authentic worship.
PRODUCTION: This Hope Team uses innovative technology to deliver our Sunday Gatherings in engaging ways through camera operation, lighting configuration, and audio engineering. The Production Team looks for people eager to exercise their production skills or people eager learn a new skill.
CONTENT CAPTURE: The Content Capture Team is responsible for capturing the life, values, and vision of Mountain West Church through photography, videography, and social media. This is a dynamic team that has opportunities to serve throughout the week and on Sundays.
COMMUNICATIONS: This Hope Team is focused on effective and creative communication from Mountain West Church. The Communications Team looks to inform and encourage Mountain West attendees, while also seeking to engage with the One Mores beyond the walls of this church and bring them one step closer to hope in Jesus.


CONNECTIONS: The Connections Team goes above and beyond to make sure that every guest at Mountain West Church feels loved and welcomed! This team connects with every guest by sending them a handwritten card. This Hope Team also has the invaluable role of entering and updating data about our church attendees.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Whether you’re helping with parking, holding a door open, or refilling the coffee stations, the First Impressions team works hard to make every person feel loved here at Mountain West Church. This Hope Team is essential to creating a church environment that looks like hope and feels like home.
NEXT STEP: The Next Step Team helps host and teach the Next Step Classes every Sunday. The Next Step Class is an opportunity for people to learn more about Mountain West and get connected. If you are passionate about helping people get connected within a church community, the Next Step Team may be the team for you!
PASTORAL CARE: Mountain West is not a church that only talks about caring for people. We are a church that actively creates opportunities to care for people in our church and our community. Through home visits, hospital visits, wellness calls, and more, the Pastoral Care Team embodies the relentless grace our church proclaims. If you have a call to care for and pastor people, the Pastoral Care Team may be the right team for you!
PRAYER: This Hope Team covers our Sunday Gatherings in prayer and is committed to praying for our church’s prayer requests throughout the week. Mountain West is a church that believes in the power of prayer, and this Hope Team lives out that belief in a very real way.


NURSERY/PRESCHOOL (2 Months – 2 Years): This Hope Team’s primary focus is to ensure that every family feels comfortable leaving their littlest ones with us during a Mountain West Gathering. In a safe, clean, and fun environment, every child will learn that God made them, God loves them, and God has a special purpose for them!
ELEMENTARY (K – 5th Grade): The Elementary Hope Team works hard to create hope-filled experiences to every child that walks through our doors. Kids engage through interactive worship, learn through creative teaching, and grow through intimate small groups. This Hope Team seeks to inspire each child to shine the light of Jesus wherever they go!
STUDENTS (6th – 12th Grade): This Hope Team serves our middle and high school students by helping connect them to an authentic community full of grace and truth. We offer students a safe place to come as they are and lead them to the hope found only in Jesus!
SPECIAL NEEDS: At Mountain West, every child matters! We are working hard to ensure that every child has equal opportunities to engage in a hope-filled and safe environment. If you want to be a part of making room for every child no matter their story, the Special Needs Hope Team may be the team for you!
GUEST SERVICES: This Hope Team is the frontline for creating an MW Kids experience that kids and families want to come back to! The Guest Services Hope Team ensures that every family is properly welcomed, loved, and known while facilitating the check-in process for new and existing families.


EVENTS: This Hope Team’s primary focus is to help execute special holidays and big days. Mountain West events are not just opportunities to celebrate as a church family, we also receive an influx of guests on event days which means a unique opportunity to love on One More. The Events Team works hard to create hope-filled, fun, and memorable events all year round.
FACILITIES: The Facilities Team works behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence across the church campus. This Hope Team is made up of skilled painters and experienced handy men and women. Landscaping, yardwork, cleaning, and Sunday preparations are also among the tasks this team tackles. The Facilities Team is an essential part of maintaining the hope-filled environment of Mountain West Church.
OFFICE: This Hope Team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization to serve the church office. The Office Team focuses on administrative areas like data entry, mailer preparation, worship guide assembly, and more! This team serves mid-week. So, if your schedule is flexible throughout the week, this team may be the one for you!