Who We Are

Mountain West Worship is a worship ministry of Mountain West Church in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a group of musicians and singers who share a common desire to see people Glorify God with their whole hearts. Our team is made up of members of Mountain West Church whose mission is to help One More experience hope by taking their next step towards God.
To learn more about our ministry, you can email [email protected].


  • Love God with passion and zeal
  • Love People as God loves people
  • Pursue Excellence in all areas of our lives
  • Bring Hope through every interaction we experience


Step 1:

Record a Video

Use your phone to start a video recording of yourself singing or playing along with a song that you've heard at Mountain West. If you don't know which song to choose, you can pick from this list:

Step 2:

Upload Video to YouTube

Upload your recorded video to YouTube. Be sure to set the video as "Unlisted" and not "Public" or "Private." If you need help uploading to YouTube, please email [email protected].

Step 3:

Submit Audition Form

Click the button below to access the Audition form. Be sure to include the YouTube link to your audition video in the form.