Wednesday small groups

Fight For Your Families

We are a Grace filled group of parents using resources that help us understand behaviors and brain chemistry. We discuss reasons why our kids need us for self-regulation and how to use compassion and empathy for healing relationships. We are raising our kids in faith and trying to do family better every day.”
Gatherings: Wednesdays (online and in-person), 7:00pm MW Campus
Leader: Elaine Shreve

Women’s Book Club

We will read "Mixed Signals" written by Liz Curtis Highs this semester. This book is a mix of humor, romance, and faith. It is a relaxing set of stories of relationships and all the mixed signals that can happen while developing relationships.
Gatherings: Wednesdays, (weekly) 7:00pm, Zoom
Leader: Nancy Jackson

Man 2 Man

A weekly Man to Man discussion on becoming an encourager to other men as we share life’s experiences. You will be challenged to intentionally walk in a mentoring relationship with a few other men. Come join is as we change your world one man at a time.
Gatherings: Wednesdays 7pm | On Campus
Leader: Wendell Taylor

Let's Do Boundaries!

In this book study of "I Do Boundaries" by Havilah Cunnington, we’ll learn how boundaries operate and who is responsible for the “what” in our life. We’ll answer these questions together: How do I gain control of my life, schedule, and emotions? How do I confidently set boundaries and let others know them? How do I communicate my boundaries without fear of rejection or loss of friendship?  How do I remove people who are behaving poorly from my life? How do I protect what matters most to me without regret? Discover how to return that heavy backpack to its rightful owner with kindness, honesty, and conviction.
Gatherings: Wednesdays 12pm | Zoom
Leader: Heather Lovejoy

Senior Seminar

Monthly virtual gatherings in partnership with Keiser Permanente for our seniors and their friends and family. We've had cooking classes, aerobics, and our next one is all about mental health. Join us February 24th at 2pm to learn about how you can brighten your day just a little more.
Gatherings: Selected Wednesdays (monthly) 2pm | Zoom
Leader: Jacky Olivares 

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