Tuesday small Groups


 First, God got the Israelites out of Egypt. Then, He got the Egypt out of them! This freedom group is designed to help believers move from the experience of Salvation to understanding and living the abundant life that Jesus desires for them. At some point, we all have bondage that we allow to keep us from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus intends for us to have. If you’re ready to start living life in real freedom, let’s work together this semester to understand the freedom that Jesus desires for us.
Gatherings: Tuesdays (weekly), 7pm Mountain West Worship Center
Leaders: Zack Leffew and Danny Cadorette

Managing Credit Through COVID

1st 6-weeks
Budgeting Basics!
Putting together and following a budget can be overwhelming at first thought, especially if you have never worked with a budget. This class will walk you through building a starting point to grow from unexpected financial distress, and begin basic steps to build and improve better money management.
2nd 6-weeks
Building a Spending Plan!
Do you often wonder where your money was spent? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, you can benefit from developing a spending plan! Building a spending plan follows ‘Budgeting Basics’ and will allow you a closer self-assessment of spending habits, and build a plan to meet financial goals.
Gatherings: Tuesdays (weekly), 7pm, Zoom
Leaders: Pat Evans

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