Everyday Life with the Holy Spirit

 A simple, practical, and very powerful approach
Did you know that there is a person who has been given every detail of every moment of your daily life and entire future?  Nope, it is not your mom, husband, best girlfriend or even your pastor.  It is the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. Come join us on a journey for real women, living real lives and who are looking for real answers for their everyday lives.  
Gatherings: Thursdays (weekly), 6:30pm Zoom
Leader: Constance Watson

Young Adult Small Group

 Do you have a desire to develop meaningful relationships and grow spiritually with others in  a similar stage of life? Come be part of our Young Adult group. You will have opportunities to connect with others through social events, serving, and small group conversations.
Gatherings: Thursdays (weekly), 7pm, Mountain West
Leader: Laron October

Kingdom Men Rising

God has big plans for you. You believe that is true but what is your own responsibility as a man when it comes to becoming al He created you to be? How can you walk in victory and faith and make an impact on others?
Kingdom Men Rising challenges men to foster personal growth and apply discipleship skills and a leadership mind-set to all areas of life. Dr. Tony Evans brings his insights, stories, and wise counsel from God's Word to clear all obstacles in your path, leading you to the abundant life you've been called to live. And along the way you'll find your heart stirred to reach for more, no longer settling for a faith that just goes through the motions. Topics include personal development, the importance of helping others grow, and how to leave a legacy of faith and Godly influence.
Gatherings: Thursday (weekly), 7:00pm, Zoom
Leader:  Chesin Kuriakose

Praying for Our Missionaries

Did you know that fellow brothers & sisters in Christ at Mountain West Church are actively serving as missionaries? If you have passion for missions, come and join us as we pray for those serving as missionaries at our church, learn more about their activities, encourage them, & learn how to support their work.
Gatherings: Thursday (weekly), 7:30-8pm, Zoom
Leader: Kenneth and Tangie Hughey

Spanish 101

A fun and interactive Spanish class for beginners held completely via Zoom. We will learn basic vocabulary and phrases while also learning more about Latin American countries and cultures.
Gatherings: Thursday (weekly), 7-8:30pm, Zoom
Leader:  Lisa  Guerrero and Melida Chinn

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