Young Professional Women 

Are you a young professional woman who is interested in having a deeper relationship with Christ while getting to know other women in the church? Then come join us as we dive deeper into His word by discussing one of the books of the Bible! We have a great time in fellowship followed by group discussions on what was read the previous week and praying over the weekly prayer requests!
Gatherings: Thursday (bi-weekly), 7:00pm, Zoom
Leaders:  Stephanie Smith

Race and Equality in a Multicultural Church

Now more than ever the topic of race and equality is on the forefront of our minds. Parts of our church family are struggling to cope with occurrences of police brutality, whereas others are working towards understanding these issues in a fast-changing world. This group is about providing EVERYONE with a platform to be heard and a place to listen, no matter what your views are. At the end of the day we don’t have to agree, however we can certainly work towards understanding and appreciating each other’s views a little more.
Gatherings: Thursdays (weekly) 7:30pm | Zoom
Leader: Vernon Brown

Game Night

MW Small Group game night.  Let’s enjoy a fun night of online old-fashioned games and laughter.  Whether you old or young we need to be joyful in all we do. Nehemiah 8.10 …for the joy of the LORD is your strength.  You need to have the ability to access Zoom.  Bring your popcorn and smiles.  This will be a fun interactive game for all. Kids will be able to attend with their parents only.
Gatherings: Thursdays (weekly), 7:30-8:30 (ZOOM)
Leader:  Pat Livingston

Literary Journeys

Do you have a passion for writing or desire to evolve your writing skills? Are you feeling prompted to draft your testimony, prayers, inspirational messages, or other literary work more formally? Perhaps you are now ready to step into becoming a published author. Wherever you might be on your literary journey, join us as we take writing ideas from concept to reality...with our theme of "out of the mind, onto the paper and into the world.” Our small group meets twice per month to build relationships, discuss an actual book production project, and provide evaluative feedback on participant writing samples.
Gatherings: Thursday (1st/3rd), 6:30-8:00p Zoom
Leader: Jill Simms and Sonji Lee

Be the Bridge

We will be discussing issues relating to racial reconciliation. We know we can advance the gospel and God's Kingdom by seeking justice, but we also know that our culture is making many of our brothers and sisters in Christ reluctant to have honest discussions with each other regarding racial issues.
We want to provide a small group so we can have those discussions with each other. We plan to learn a little about our country's history and learn more about each other by sharing our life experiences and stories. Our goal is to help you have deeper relationships and increase your ministry in our community. Prob. 27:17 - As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
Gatherings: Thursday, 7-8p Zoom
Leader: Keith Hadley and John Franklin

Everyday Life with the Holy Spirit

A simple, practical, and very powerful approach.  Did you know that there is a person who has been given every detail of every moment of your daily life and entire future?  Nope, it is not your mom, husband, best girlfriend or even your pastor.  It is the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. Come join us on a journey for real women, living real lives and who are looking for real answers for their everyday lives.  
Gatherings: Thursdays (weekly), 6:30pm Zoom
Leader: Constance Watson

Spanish 101

Beginner Spanish class for those interested in learning common phrases and vocabulary. We will also be learning culture and customs of Latino countries.
Gatherings: Wednesdays (weekly), 7:00pm, Zoom
Leader:  Lisa Guerrero and Melida Chinn

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