Sunday small groups

International Girl Talk

A Talk Show for every woman in our diverse body of Christ here at MWC who needs to refill, recharge, realign or regroup!! Our spring and fall talk shows will focus on generating growth and harmony in these Six Aspects of a woman’s life; Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Relational and Financial. Our panel, made up of our three IGT Team members will navigate you through one aspect at a time devoting an entire show to each aspect.  The panel will engage you through interactive conversations that will be based on scriptures that will strengthen your spiritual muscles, through presenting questions and answers that will help you figure things out, through sharing personal stories that will encourage you, lift your spirits and probably make you laugh too. Come with us on our journey to fuel our lives with our faith and establish harmony in every aspect of our life. Join us and let’s see what God will do!!
Gatherings:  2nd + 4th Sundays  4p via Zoom
Leader: Constance Watson, Helen Walker, and Najwa Sampson

Hiking Group

Worship, hike, and social distance. This group is especially for those of us that want to interact at a distance with masks. We'll meet at the church, drive to a Georgia trail, watch the service together, then go on a hike. Trail sites TBD.
Gatherings: 3rd Sunday of the month
Leader: Tiffani Bryant

Jr. Men's Prayer Conference Call

This is a conference call group of Middle and High School boys dedicated to praying for one another, their families, the community and the church.
Gatherings:  Sunday (weekly) 7:00p.m - 7:30p.m.. via Zoom
Leaders: Charles Woodard, Weyman Hall & Nathan Teshome

Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball was built for brothers to fellowship, have some fun and get some exercise. It is also a great opportunity to invite others to experience our fellowship. We will be playing a friendly 5 on 5 pickup game!
Gatherings: Sundays (weekly), 6-8pm, Tucker
Leader: Marvin Mathew

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