Sunday small groups

 International Girl Talk

 A Talk Show featuring women from our diverse body of Christ right here at MWC. Guest and panelist of every age, color and ethnicity will be sharing their faith, story, journey, culture and the dreams God has given them. Prepare to be inspired, encouraged, informed, enlightened, challenged and entertained as our audience. As a bonus, we promise that a tighter bond of sisterhood will develop between us and our unity in Jesus Christ will become evident to the world around us.
Gatherings: Sundays (2nd + 4th ) 4pm via Zoom
Leader: Constance Watson

Hiking Group

 Worship, hike, and social distance. This group is especially for those of us that want to interact at a distance with masks. We'll meet at the church, drive to a Georgia trail, watch the service together, then go on a hike. Trail sites TBD.
Gatherings: 3rd Sunday of the month
Leader: Tiffani Bryant

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