Reopening Phase 2 Update

The CDC has released new recommendations allowing those who are fully vaccinated to resume more normal activities without masks and social distancing, but at the same time adhering to the guidelines of the workplaces, organizations or businesses they may enter.

As a result, here are our new guidelines beginning Sunday, June 6th:

  • The 9am service will be a Mask Required Service and the 11am service will be a Mask Optional Service. This goes for everybody who is on campus, including staff, serve teams, and all ministries, including kids and students.  If you feel wearing a mask at 11am is right for your situation, then by all means do it…optional is just that, optional.
  • We will still continue temperature checks for the time being, just as a measure of safety.
  • We will continue our sanitizing procedures before and between services in all areas.
  • We will reopen all of the seating rows in the stadium seating area(instead of every other row), but keep the current distanced seating on the floor in case you prefer that area. Our ushers will continue to seat people, but with more seating available there is more flexibility to help you find seats and the distance you may prefer. The ushers will no longer dismiss people by section and row after the services. You can decide how you would like to exit and do so accordingly.
  • We will resume the Prayer Partner Ministry again in our services. They will wear face shields in both services and also have masks for the 9am. We’re excited to be able to minister to people again in our services, it’s part of what makes us…us.
  • If you’re wondering about events such as First Wednesdays and Masterclass nights…we are taking a summer break in June and July from these events. We know family schedules change in the summer, so we will relaunch a revamped schedule of monthly events in August and we’ll communicate before then any requirements necessary.
  • We know there is not a perfect plan to meet everyone’s specific needs or preferences, and we will continue to provide online streaming of our service, it’s now just a part of how we do Sundays.   But we believe these changes are a great next step to welcome more people back and add some of the Mountain West touches that mean so much to our people and to our guests.

Our leadership team will continue listening, learning, planning and praying for the next step in our reopening process, and we promise, as always, to communicate with you as we go along.  But for now, we’re excited to roll out these new changes beginning Sunday, June 6th.

Thank you for joining us in taking care of each other and stewarding our space as we gather together!

*By attending an on-campus event, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. When present on the Mountain West campus you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.