Here at Mountain West we believe the best way to grow deeper in your faith and relationship with God is to be involved in a small group. A small Group is a group of people who meet regularly and discuss life, the Bible, and what God is doing in their life.

BANK- Learn to Be a Better Communicator

BANK- Learn to be a better Communicator | Small Group Code: A10 How well you communicate can make or break your professional image. It directly influences how others view your work and performance—as well as your prospects for career advancement and mobility. Unfortunately, being diplomatic, tactful and credible doesn’t always come naturally to people. Even when it does, such communication can easily be derailed by emotions and conflicts. To be a communicator who is skilled in all three areas, it takes awareness, training and the know-how to apply proven techniques to all kinds of situations.This seminar will teach you how to choose and use the most appropriate words and emotional tone for every business interaction. You will gain insights into your communication style and the styles of others, while building skills to clearly and effectively receive and transmit information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and needs. Gatherings: Sunday (weekly) after the last service, Mountain West Church Leader: Jeanne Kerney

Led by: Jeanne Kerney For Ages: 18+ Meets: Every Sunday from 2:30pm-4:00pm
Childcare Available? No Topic: Group Type: Activity
Location: Conference Room in the Youth Space - Main Campus Status: Open

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