We’re excited that you’re interested in being a part of our Big Audition Day for the Worship Arts Ministry at Mountain West! As we prepare to expand this ministry into multiple campuses we are actively pursuing people who have skills in this area to serve.  Here’s some important information about the process to get you prepared for the day.

  1. Register by emailing our Worship Associate Zack Leffew here to get an audition time slot.
    • Band auditions are from 10am-12pm
    • Production Orientation is from 12pm-1pm
    • Singer auditions are from 1pm-3pm
  2. Download, complete and bring the application with you on the 30th.  You can find it here.
    • (for production interest just complete basic name/address/phone information)
  3. Below you will find two songs to learn for your audition-Tremble and Great Things.
    • Listen to the original recordings
    • There are also rehearsal tracks available that highlight your instrumental part or vocal harmonies-these are there to help you better learn your part. Chord/lyric sheets are also available.
    • Come prepared with these two songs learned and ready.  Lyrics/chords will be provided for the audition.
Our needed instrumental positions are:
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Rhythm Electric Guitar
  • Lead Electric Guitar
  • Keyboard/Synth
Expectations for Instrumentalists:
  • You should be able to play your part as close to what you hear on the track as possible.
  • You should be able to rhythmically match the pulse of the song (playing in the pocket).
  • Your instrument’s tone should match the intended tone of the song.
  • Listen to the rehearsal track for your instrument
  • Drums, keyboard and guitar amp are provided. Guitar players should bring their pedal board to plug into our amp.


Our needed vocal positions are:
  • Male Background Vocal
  • Female Background Vocal
  • Male Lead Vocal
  • Female Lead Vocal
Expectations for Vocalists:
  • You should be able to sing your part as close to what you hear on the track as possible.
  • You should be able to vocally match the style of the vocal recording
  • Listen to the rehearsal track for the harmony/harmonies part that best fits your range
  • Lead vocalist auditions will also be required to sing the lead part



If you are interested in production(audio/lighting/video) please let us know.  There is no audition for these roles and you can contact our Production Director Ben Mathew here to set up a time on March 30th to learn more about the roles needed in this ministry.


Serving Requirements

There are no requirements to be a part of the Audition Day.  If you are ultimately chosen to move ahead to prepare to be on a team, completion of our Growth Track process and church membership are required.



Original RecordingDrums RehearsalBass RehearsalElectric 1Electric 2Piano RehearsalSynth Pad RehearsalBGV Harmony RehearsalChord/Lyric Chart

*For Acoustic Guitar on this song, just be prepared to strum the basic chords of the song



Original RecordingDrums RehearsalBass RehearsalLead Elec. RehearsalRhythm Elec. RehearsalAcoustic RehearsalMain Keys RehearsalBGV Harmony RehearsalChord/Lyric Chart